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"If you can dream it, we can build it".
A new generation of Graber has stepped up to continue the JAM tradition. Young John Graber took over the family business this year and is showing that he has the skill of a master builder.
Amish Owned and Operated by
John Graber
20482 State Highway 190
Jamesport, Missouri 64648
The Jamesport Amish are not allowed to maintain web sites. Amish content contained on jamesport.net is provided solely by the Arbor House Country Inn as a convenience to our customers.
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The J.A.M. Story

About Us

Thank you for visiting J.A.M. Wood Products. We are a small, second-generation business specializing in outdoor play equipment, gazebos, and lawn furniture.

In 1997, the Graber family moved to Jamesport, Missouri, from Holmes County, Ohio. Their large family needed more space, and the lure of cheaper taxes and low land prices were also a factor. Mary, the mother, had been born and raised in Jamesport, but she and Jake had moved to Ohio when they got married.

In 1998 the workshop was built. Jake worked construction during the day, and evenings with the help of the boys, worked in the shop. Business expanded slowly until it reached the point in December, 1999, that Jake quit his construction job and started J.A.M. Wood Products.

With a family of 9 children to support, while starting a small business, Jake's entrepreneurship was stretched to the limit. But with the help of the family and a lot of hard work, the business took off. The four boys (Danny, Steven, James, and John) all had a period in their lives of building products for the business before moving on to careers in other industries.

In 2009, Jake suffered a brain aneurism, but survived and bounced back in a short time. After struggling to keep up with everything for some time, he decided to semi-retire and sell the business to his youngest son, John. In April, 2012, John took over the business and Jake stayed on as a salesman to help John at the new retail location they rented.
John and Jake continue working together, with John building a large number of products at their workshop on the farm, while Jake works at the retail store. Their goal is to provide, at a reasonable price, quality Amish-made outdoor that will last for years to come.

The Graber Family:

Rachel:      Married and living in Jamesport
Danny:       Moved to Holmes County, Ohio
Steven:      Married and living in Jamesport
Marie:        Living in Jamesport
James:      Deceased

John, Sara, Anna, and Laura: The four youngest still reside with their parents on the family farm in Jamesport.
Five miles East of Jamesport on Highway F